• Certification and Documentation of well Trained Professionals in the Finest Tradition of Treasury Management.
  • Building Ethically Competent Professionals in the Act of Cash and Liquidity Management.
  • Institutionalizing Preventive Mechanism against Fraud,Outright Embezzlement and Misappropriation/Misapplication of scarce Resources.
  • Enhancement Organizational Structure in Treasury Management, Consultancy and Advisory Services.

Training of professionals

To build world class professionals in the management of the treasury. Proven individuals and well grounded professionals as keepers of our common patrimony.

Organisation of Workshops

The institute organizes workshops and seminars on treasury and financial management quarterly in all geopolitical zones in Nigeria.

Preventive mechanism

To institutionalize preventive mechanisms against fraud, outright embezzlement, misappropriation of scarce resources  in the management of treasury and financial materials.